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SHG Airshow is an international organization organized annually by Sivrihisar Sportive Aviation Society at Sivrihisar Aviation Center Necati Artan Facilities and it addresses the aviation fans from every age while emphasizing the significance of the aviation culture. 


SHG Airshows offer an opportunity to gain knowledge about aviation culture especially to children and young people. This organization which came to life first in 2015 attracted a great attention, developed year by year and became an internationally well-known organization. Today, it is mentioned as SHG Airshows in the international calanders that declare the international aviation shows.


SHG Airshows aim at contributing to the development of the sportive and general aviation in our country, exhibiting the planes with a historical worth at MSÖ Air and Space Museum to the aviation fans and supporting the development of aviation culture. For these purposes, this organization unites ten thousands of people and excites and entertains them with various shows.

SHG Airshows lasts for two days and during this organization, the world-wide known show pilots make magnificent flight performances which both excite and also fascinate the spectators. Planes with historical worth exhibited at MSÖ Air and Space Museum provide informations about aviation history with their static and dynamic performances. Besides the show pilots, many companies, flight schools, universities and aviation firms participate in this organization in order to present and advertise themselves.


Foreign companies join this organization in order to make the marketing of their sportive planes and some other products. Therefore, SHG Airshows gain an “Aviation Fair” identity as well. In order for everyone to have fun, playgrounds for children and various flight simulators which attract the attention of young people are constructed. “Bicycle Races” on the airfield and “Aviation Photograph Competition” which are both one of the “firsts” of Türkiye and also conventions of SHG Airshows also take place in the organization programme.


At SHG Airshows, a volunteer team of approximately one hundred people work during the show times and thus, this organization unites many people who want to contribute to the development of aviation culture. In addition, this organization becomes an efficient source for many local companies since food stands are constructed in the show days and participators and visitors stay at the local hotels around.

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